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Our Donor Stories


Why Donate to BMTS

"Every Cabinet, stack of lumber, used appliance, piece of furniture or surplus construction resource donated represents a renewed chance for healing and empowerment for community members in need.  Management can be trusted to be lean in overhead and generous in prudent application of funds converted trough our donations.  This is a charity worthy of all our support."

Thomas Tierney (Supporter/Donor)

Brian Shipley, furniture donor, donation
Brian Shirley (donor) & BMT Staff Member Sterling Davis

Contractor Connections

We are building relationships with contractors in the valley who know and understand the value of repurposing and reusing building materials that still have at least 50% life left give.  If you are starting a remodel project or know someone who is and would like to participate in our recycle program, please reach out to us TODAY!!

We can help you save money $$, get a tax receipt, contribute to the circular economy while protecting the environment AND making a new owner happy!  What could be better!!

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